I'm Letizia - Leti for friends and family.
I'm a UX/UI designer from Italy, currently based in San Francisco, California.

I have 3+ years of expertise in crafting seamless user experiences across technology, health, and education sectors.
I played a pivotal role in shaping end-to-end B2B and D2C experiences for companies such as Alife Health, contributing to impactful advancements in the IVF world.

I'm passionate about collaborating with cross-functional teams to research people's needs, brainstorm, and ideate creative, intuitive, and accessible solutions. I'm constantly striving to grow as a professional, create impactful experiences, and build an inclusive and collaborative working environment with real human connections.

In my free time, you can find me traveling around the world, participating in design events, volunteering, practicing my language skills, and sharing my delicious tiramisù recipe with family and friends.
Thanks for stopping by!
"I had the pleasure of working with Letizia at Alife as a UX designer on my team. Letizia played a pivotal role in designing both our patient product experiences and clinical product experiences. Her ability to translate complex ideas into intuitive and visually appealing designs is truly impressive. She has a strong commitment to creating user-centered designs, always keeping the customer in mind when driving impactful solutions. One of Letizia's key strengths is her ability to collaborate and integrate feedback from various stakeholders. Her positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile made a significant impact on all of our projects. She is a well rounded designer with lots of experience building B2B and D2C experiences. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with her on my team."

- Lauren Matthews - Senior Manager, Product Growth at Alife Health
"Letizia was an absolute pleasure to work with. In her role at Alife she was responsible for building the entire UI of our first commercial product. In this capacity she participated in user research, wireframe creation/refinement, user testing, and ultimately was instrumental in the fabrication of a software suite for physicians to use in a clinical setting. Throughout this process she demonstrated an aptitude for user centric design, an ability to work with various disciplines, and was consistently an over achiever with respect to timelines and requirements. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with her and think any team would be lucky to have a UX designer like her!"

- Jordan Tang - Product Leader at Alife Health
"Letizia was an excellent catalyst for growth in our business. Her ability to absorb complex business concepts, adeptly apply design principles and then test her ideas with industry experts and customers in the field was stellar. We brought her on board to help us design and user test eLearning content and web apps for our highly demanding corporate clients. These clients include two of the three largest tech companies in Silicon Valley, so the quality of her work was scrutinized closely."

- Bob Steiner - Managing Partner Luminance Learning LLC
"I had the opportunity to allow Letizia to work on the design of the Aeros consumer website.
Her willingness to learn and apply her knowledge was remarkable. She is incredibly patient and extremely open to different ways of doing things to make things happen. We are really happy with the work she has done for us, the website looks amazing and our partners are sharing great feedback on the UX design that she has created."

- Gonzalo de los Rios - CEO Aeros Network
"As a UX researcher and designer, Letizia is fully equipped with all necessary hard and soft skills. She’s highly proficient with UX/UI software tools: Adobe suite (XD, Illustrator, InDesign), Figma, Sketch, Webflow. She is a quick and efficient learner. Having strong soft skills is crucial for a UX professional, and Letizia is an exceptional example. Seeing her doing user interviews, I was impressed by her natural communication skills and empathy. It takes moments for her to set the right atmosphere for an effective interview."

- Ildar Akhmetov - Entrepreneur, University Instructor, IT Expert

Previous work

Collaborated with Creative-Cables, a lighting company, and two fellow students to conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis and research on fabric cables. This collaborative effort resulted in the creation of three distinct lamps - a floor lamp, a table lamp, and a ceiling lamp.